Die besten kabellosen Lautsprecher

Es gab eine Explosion im besten Markt für drahtlose Lautsprecher. Hier's vier gute Optionen.

Es gab eine Explosion auf dem Markt für drahtlose Lautsprecher. Hier sind vier gute Optionen

Im Zusammenhang mit dem endlosen Versuch, Kabel aus unseren Unterhaltungseinrichtungen zu schneiden, ist es großartig, die jüngste Explosion des Wi-Fi-Lautsprechermarktes zu sehen. Durch die Verbindung mit unseren drahtlosen Heimnetzwerken ersparen uns diese Geräte die Mühe, Kabel in unseren Behausungen und Wohnräumen zu verlegen.

Noch besser – mit verbesserter Verbindungstechnologie wie DLNA oder Apples AirPlay, die sie antreibt, ist die Klangqualität all dieser drahtlos übertragenen Musik weitaus besser als noch vor wenigen Jahren. Wir haben vier der größten Wi-Fi-Soundsysteme auf dem Markt getestet. Hier ist unser Leitfaden.

Bestes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis

Sonos spielen:5

Add the Boost hub for $109. The granddaddy of the multi-room wireless category, Sonos has been perfecting the art of meshing speakers and music sources for more than a decade, whether they be devices or Internet-based. Once connected to your Wi-Fi router, you can beam music from your phone or tablet to the top-of-the-line Play:5, plus you can hook up to more online subscription music services than any other system we tested. Sonos connects to Rdio, Spotify, Sirius XM and Deezer, among others. The best part is you can keep adding speakers, such as the smaller $219 Play:1, with up to 32 of them playing simultaneously around your home. A separate Boost hub can amplify signals if your home Wi-Fi is weak. The control app is slick, the selection is big and the sound is great.

Bestes Design

Samsung Form M7

Add the Boost hub for $69. Samsung’s speakers work much like Sonos’s, with a central hub allowing for up to 32 to be connected. The control app isn’t as simple to use and it doesn’t have as many online music services to connect to, but the speakers themselves sound good and are nice to look at. The triangular devices can be set horizontally or vertically with their included kickstands, which adds style to any room they’re in. As an extra bonus the Shape easily connects to Samsung smart TVs, so it can double as a sound bar.

Bester Klang

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A8

Wi-Fi-enabled speakers don’t come more high-end than the A8, which is why it’s no surprise that Bang & Olufsen’s offering has the crispest and widest range of sound of devices tested. The twin 10-inch speakers serve up an impressive 70 watts of bass and mid-range sound, plus 35 watts for treble. The A8 is also funky looking, with its disc-shaped speakers available in several colours, which almost qualifies as modern art. Mount it on your wall and it’s sure to be a conversation starter. The only downside is the hefty price tag.

Am stärksten

Sony SRS-X9

Like Bang & Olufsen’s product, Sony’s high-end Wi-Fi unit connects right to your network and mobile device. Its plain black brick appearance doesn’t win any style points, but with seven speakers and a maximum output power of 154 watts, it packs a wallop. It’s the device for those who like it loud.

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